KD1JV Designs

QRP Kits and Projects for the low power Amateur Radio enthusiast

Steven "Melt Solder" Weber

NEW! Ardunio AD9850 DDS controller with SWR bridge for QRM free manual antenna tuner adjusting.

Open source firmware for AD9850 DDS VFO using ATMEL XMEGA-A3BU evaluation board.

Way too many features to list, click to find out more!

SKC Simple Keyer Chip II. The SKC is a basic iambic keyer with selectable Iambic A or B modes of operation.

Operating instructions and wiring diagram

Sorry, discontinued

ATS series rig users: Manuals, updates and corrections can be found in this yahoo group. New offerings of these rigs are made first to members of the group.


Instruction manual for OK1IKA CW/PSK decoder kit: This kit is no longer available.The manual is here for reference.

Check out Hendricks Kits for additional kits designed by KD1JV and other talented designers.

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Kits and Parts W8DIZ, Diz, the Toroid king!

The Parts Place K5NWA, Cecile, makes my site possible!

QRPme W1REX, Rex, unique and inexpensive kits packaged in tuna tins!

"Build it from Scratch" Home Brew projects

These projects are not available as kits. Circuit boards for some projects are available from FAR Circuits. If you email me with a question about a project, I may or may not respond depending on what your asking for!

Notice: all projects are copyright by Steven Weber, 2010 and are presented here for individual, non-commercial use only.

VPS - A Variable power supply with adjustable current limiting - new design! 0-14V output up to 5A current.

72 part contest rig: This 30 meter rig with superhet receiver and xtal controlled transmitter won "Honorable mention" in the 2010 FDIM ACRI design contest. Uses a LM386 audio amp as a combination product detector / audio amp.

WWV Reciever - Simple Direct Conversion receiver to use with a PC to calibrate a 10 MHz VCXO.

The MAS-80 - Designed to be competative in the DL 80M "Mininum Art Session" contest, this rig features a crystal controlled 2W transmitter and a sensitive regenerative receiver, using 51 discrete parts on a 3.5" x 2.5" circuit board.

The ADC-40 - All Discrete Components 40 M transceiver with super-het receiver using no IC's, just a whole bunch of transistors of various flavors (NPN, PNP, J-FET, MOSFET)

PSK Transceiver, version 2. Unique non-SSB transmitter design - kinda works.

The MMR-40 Winner of the ARRL Homebrew challenge, non-PC option category.

A 40 meter CW/SSB transceiver using less than $50.00 in parts. How to build "dead bug" style.

SSB1 (Fairly) Simple 75M SSB rig

SWRX Short Wave AM Broadcast Receiver. Simple, inexpensive and effective.

CW SPKR 600 Hz Resonant speaker. Folded channel box design. Makes an amazing difference!

ALT Altoids L Tuner (ALT) "L" tuner for half wave end feed antennas.

The "Tenna Dipper" Poor mans antenna analyzer, shows resonance of antennas, 80-10 M operation.

LED battery voltage monitor. A fuel gage for your gel cell battery.

ANT Portable 40/20 trap dipole.

LED headlamp projects:

Using an AVR Tiny13V microcontroller as step up (boost) or step down (buck) voltage converter for driving a white or high power LED. (pdf file) Desgin equations and source code included.

Atmel AVR Butterfly projects

Reprogram the inexpensive Butterfly demo board for these ham radio applications:

AD9850/ AD9851 DDS display/controller. Rx/Tx rig VFO and signal generator applications

Digital Power / SWR meter, 0-9.99 watts

Iambic keyer. Displays what your sending on the LCD display. Includes 2, 120 character keyer memories, 5 to 40 wpm speed and tune mode. Now includes 5 random character code practice generation.