AVR Butterfly controller for NJQRP 9850 DDS

The AVR "Butterfly" is a credit card sized board which contains a MEGA169 MPU, 6 digit alpha-numeric LCD display, a 5 way "joystick" control switch, a pizeo speaker and a few other odds and ends.

New software was written for the butterfly so that it can be used to control the NJQRP 9850 DDS board.

Revised software (2-1-06) adds AD9851 version and simple signal generator version.


160 to 6 meter band (9851) 160 to 10M (9850) QRP CW operating frequencies are preprogrammed.

User programmable IF offset frequency for use in super-het receiver.

10 Hz to 10 kHz selectable tuning rate


Iambic "A" mode keyer. (sorry, no keyer memories)

Receiver Audio Mute, Transmitter keying and side tone outputs.

Full operating instructions and software, both the hex file needed to program the board and the source code are included in the zip file :butterflyDDS.zip

The Butterfly demo board is available from Digi-Key for $19.95 part number ATAVRBFLY.The DDS software is loaded into the Butterfly board using a PC serial port. This requires down loading and installing the Atmel Studio 4 AVR development software package, available for free from the Atmel web site. Dial up users, be advised this is a big file and long down load.