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The Atmel AVR Butterfly is a fully assembled demo board for the MEGA169 processor. About the size of a credit card, the board includes a 6 character LCD display, 5 way TACT "joystick" switch, piezo speaker, data flash memory chip and of course, the processor. The board is powered by a single 3 volt lithium button cell. The Butterfly board is available from Dig-Key for $19.99. (part # ATAVBFLY-ND)

The demo board comes pre-programmed with some neat demo firmware, but new user written software can be loaded into the Butterfly board by using the built in boot loader program and a PC with a RS-232 serial port. The Atmel software development platform, called "Studio 4" is required to down load new software into the Butterfly. This program can be downloaded for free from the Atmel web site. It's a good sized installation file, about 40 megs, so it would be good if you have, or have access to, a broadband Internet connection. If your on dial up, it could take all day to down load! While your at the Atmel site, it would be a good idea to download the full Butterfly user guide, as it contains useful information. The complete data sheet for the MEGA169 would also be good to get if you want to learn more about using the processor.

Here are a few ham radio projects I've written programs for use with the Butterfly. Programs are supplied in assembly, so you can modify them if you like. Use of the Studio 4 program will be required to compile the assembly source code into a hex file that will be loaded into the Butterfly. The programming tutorial button will bring up some instructions on how to use Studio 4 to load the program into the Butterfly.